VEIL β2 two player core set

We are proud to announce VEIL  β2 two player core set –  first fully playable public version of the game.

The release of VEIL for 2 players contains 52 cards in a plastic case. This first core set features the Order and Cult start decks and 30 cards for the draft decks. The core set works as a perfect introduction to the game for 2 players and is expendable by the Beta 1 card set and future releases.

Both starters contain 11 cards fitting the different play styles and themes of the Cult and the Order. Where the Order is influential and powerful, the Cult is strong and cunning.


Example cards form the Order and the Cult β2 starters

During the game you get to recruit new agents, and acquire new power bases through stealing and the Draft. This release lets you add 6 Mundane and 3 Veiled Agents to your invisible army, and to claim the ownership of 5 major cities in addition to the feared Night’s Edge.


The 15 Draft Assets of the β2 core set.

In addition to the 15 Assets, you get to Draft powerful new Instants, Events, and Runs to alter the course of play.


The 15 new Draft Actions of the β2 core set.

The set can be ordered by print-on-demand from the printer studio at:

Alternatively, you can print your own cards with the print-and-play sheets from:

Rules for the release are found on the page:
Playing the game

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