The Beta Order Actions

As the beta design continues, we are making small adjustments to the starters. The aim of these adjustments is to keep working effects and play-style choices of earlier editions, while streamlining the game experience.


The Starter actions for Order will be:

  1. Burner: replaces Protegé with similar Instant effect. Protegé is a good card and will see a new iteration in the draft deck. Mod keyword added for future reference.
  2. Leverage: replaces intervene/relocation. This change enables us to remove complicated card effect on Trenches – without changing the deck dynamics that much.
  3. War Council: complete rewrite. The original concept of the card was to offer both small influence gain and a double edged global effect. Removing Cover keyword is both interesting and breaks the Grey’s card effect. Anomaly keyword added for more accessible removal of the event.

Next up: Beta Order’s Agents.

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