Open Beta 02: Instant game

The goal of Beta 02 batch is to update most Assets with Trifle or Reaction keywords to the new Instant keyword.

The change adds some minor tweaks to the cards as the Instant Action has few side effect we need to consider.


Envoy is the most obvious example of the change. Originally, you could counter a Run played by other players with the Asset. The change lets you additionally Cancel a run you are playing. This change might give more room for table talk and diplomacy as one can now Cancel a Run after declaring it.

The change is more subtle in the Psychic. There is relatively little sense in using the Instant on an Event you play and as such the effect is almost unchanged.

As most of the cards made for this batch will only feature changes on keywords – there will probably be less posts on the new cards that there were with the Open Beta 01.

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