Open beta: the Classic Events

The “Run doubler” Protégé and “Veiling” Awakening were perhaps the first real Event cards created for the game. The design concept for these cards was to test how constant effects to an Agent should be implemented. Be it by sheer luck (p=.998) or with gamecrafting skills of the author (p=.002)… both cards have become quite staple Actions for the game.


Notable changes

  1. On some earlier revisions, the Protégé, was able to shield the Agent from hostile Actions. This was a side effect of earlier usage of “burn”. The use keyword removes the unintented shielding capability and makes the card text much more concise.
  2. Awakening gives 1 Votes instead on 1 Power. As the Open beta will not have any Vote Actions – the change will have more impact on future releases. The card Draft price has not been changed as Veiling a Mundane Agent is considered to be more powerful than before.

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