Streamlining the Cult, pt. 3

The third part of streamlining starts with the most recent addition to the Cult: The Godchild. Or the God-Child. At this point polishing sounds more apt than streamlining, although there are still some later changes upcoming.

C10 The God-child

The third Agent of the starter continues with the RUN theme with zero power points an inbuilt run Action. To add to the theme, the God-child has a Draw +1 effect adding to the cards usability for RUNs.

Better with dash? Maybe.

The inbuilt effect “RUN: Use the God-child to remove a Witch in play, and gain (3).” is is quite fitting to the theme, for what should the god-child do, if not feed on the foolish mortals worshiping her kind. The effect was originally weak as the draft decks have only few Witches and only a single card to make an Agent a Witch, so we added a moderate influence bonus to the effect.

C10 The Offering

As said before – there are only couple of Witches and a way to make an Agent a Witch: the Offering. Devkit 01 version of the card had two problems: its a RUN removing the Agent used, and its expensive to use. To keep the game consistent, all runs should use an Agent, not remove the Agent used.

There were who ways amending both of the issues: 1) make the card an EVENT, or 2) make the card use the Agent instead of removal. As the card is played on an Agent, changing the Action to an EVENT is more consistent with rest of the cards. Even if I’d like to keep it as a RUN as a personal preference.


The new version is still a bit expensive (requiring a removal of an Agent), but its not too expensive for the effect. And making the Offering an EVENT has the additional benefit of making it vulnerable to all of the EVENT counter measures – like the new card of C10 release: The Consecration.

See Part 1, and part 2 for earlier previews. The 2 remaining Agents are currently underway, so stay tuned for updates 😀

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