Streamlining the Cult, pt. 2.

We started the streamlining of the Cult starter deck with Mary, the Wolfbride. Which makes it only fitting to continue the deck overhaul with her Oathbound servants.

C10 The Oathbound

The Oathbound before and after the changes
The Oathbound before and after the changes

The Oathbound has always been a bit hard card to design. Just making them basic runners without a card effect could be straightforward – but would it make the card too plain? The card had no effect in Alpha, and a minor effect in Devkit 01. As minor effects seem to confuse the players more than they actually give to the gameplay – they should be eliminated from the game.

The Witch keyword allows for an elegant way to counter the need for an additional effect. Especially if we add to the game an additional effect which enhances or uses a Witch. Enter Consecration.

C10 Consecration


Like the Torn, the Cult has a faction specific keyword: the Witch. Consecration is a RUN enabling a player to eliminate an event they have in play. For most cases it’s a weaker or more limited version of Black Helicopters.

Consecration’s card text reads: “RUN. Use an Agent to burn an Event you have in play, and gain (3). If the Agent used is a Witch, you may remove the Event instead.”

As Consecration is a “free” action with the Draw +1 symbol, it’s quite usable for mid-game influence generation and end-game hostile event removal. The additional effect enabled by the which keyword adds little fluffines to the card, and does not seem to muddle the card text or effect much.

Adding a copy of Consecration to the Cult starter would have been an option, but the deck is quite run heavy as it stands. And the drafting is more fun if some cards fit a faction better than other factions.

Phew… That was part 2, more updates as we progress with the redesign.

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