Startup, flow, and endgame tweaks

The endgame tweak works as planned. Whew. The last turn’s draft phase feels still a bit redundant though. So well have to get back to it later.

As of version 012 the draft tracks have 3 extra cards allowing the last player to draft form a full track. The game now ends after draft decks deplete.

New draft deck sizes
New draft deck sizes

In addition to the endgame tweak, we made three small changes to draw mechanics to eliminate some quirks in gameplay:

1. Players can discard their initial starting hand of three cards and draw a new starting hand. This tweak makes it super hard to draw a losing hand on Beta Devkit 1 decks and allows more strategy options for the first three turns.

Startup tweak
Startup tweak

2. The discard is now shuffled to the bottom of a player s deck every time an acting players turn ends. This change enhances game flow and removes redundant minigame for deck depletion.

End of turn tweak
End of turn tweak

3. The order of End of Turn effects has been clarified in the turn overview chart.

These changes updated to 012 ruleset pdf  (see resources -page for latest ruleset) should make the game more competitive and fun. Next we need to focus on eliminating lousy action cards and adding more interactivity to the gameplay.

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